Asiatic operates with a fleet consisting of 20’, 40’ Dry containers, special equipment FLAT RACKS, OPEN TOPS, Tank.
Asiatic offers dry, open-top, flat rack, tank Ocean transportation services under his own Nvocc brand, within the region encompassing INDIA – MIDDLE EAST – SOUTHEAST ASIA, CIS Trade.

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Asiatic offers offer a highly flexible airport-to-airport or a door to door service at international routes that match your needs and schedules.


Asiatic is also specialized in handling shipments to CIS countries.
Our partners in CIS, assures to our clients of fastest inland services and access to all schedules of road and rail connections for prompt delivery of shipment thru Iran, China .
Our team of CIS professional had years of expertise in handling shipment to countries i.e. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, , Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

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Asiatic represents multiple Principals (dry container , Special equipment , ISO Tank Operators), operating in the Persian Gulf, Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia, China through our network of agents.
We strive to excel commercially & operationally to reach growing targets by safe guarding Principal / Agents interests at all times.
We endeavor to keep a close business relationship with major industries, trade associations and chambers of commerce to explore potential opportunities.


Our team of professionals can perform any service with Ship’s Agency handling work such as acting charterers / owner protecting agent, cargo sourcing, bunkering , crew sign on / off, ship spares and provisions supplies.

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We are offering world class services at economical cost for Project cargoes involving storage, transportation and transhipment.
Our team of project professionals offers technical and customized solutions for extra ordinary and super heavy cargoes complying with regulations for safety and security.
We have special team to focus and handle odc-oog cargo of various industries.


Our team of professionals can perform any break-bulk handling with Ship’s Agency handling work such as acting charterers/owner protecting agent, cargo sourcing, bunkering, crew sign-on / off, ship spares and provisions supplies.

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We provide our clients & network partners with an edge in costing for sea/air freights to various sectors through our network across Pan India.
We have strong penetration into markets of CIS countries, Inland destination of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Asiatic is one-stop shopping to multinational manufacturing, distribution, and trading companies with unsurpassed reliability for door-to-door global ocean cargo transportation.